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Harry potter goes to the icw fanfiction

Red Jacobson is in need of some help to fix his car. It is for his own safety,” Dumbledore said gravely. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works The row between Harry and Ginny was deafening. Snape goes back in time, holding the knowledge of what is to come if he fails. Harry Potter Recommended FanFic Masterlist A library of Harry Potter Fanfiction. Harry Potter fact file. I. What do you think of Molly Weasley? RtB Fanfiction - Deletions and news. Harry Potter fandom also paved the way for the mainstreaming of fandom and geek culture. Not my first story, but my first HP fic, firt adult fic, and first fic in years. They end up using one of the Potter properties to make a school. I remember that Snape doesn't wasn't Harry in his rooms so he puts him in an attic and leaves him to his own devices. His plan started to be crushed when Harry Welcome to my Harry Potter fanfiction, mainly dedicated to the Altering The Future series I have been working on. How to Create Your Own Harry Potter Character. He becomes friends with a muggle girl from primary and their relationship progresses from there despite the fact that the muggle girl is kinda shady. www. favoritestracker. As is well known, The Dark Lord Voldemort was only vulnerable to Potter. They go back to their first yr, with their memories intact, to save everyone they can. Severus Snape, her true father, journeys to the hellmouth to meet her for the first time. Then Ron walked in a straight past her, completely oblivious that she was there but it was when he turned around to go back out that Ron got a real surprise. Bella's the daughter of Sirius and a Veela, Bella is also a Veela and has stronger magic than most. Registration was open to all people who claimed to be over 18, and by 2002 over 118,000 people were registered. We decided you generally want to help people as much as you can. The paring of course is Voldemort/Harry. He took a piece of lined paper from his desk, and started writing. . And then Voldemort finds out who Harry really is. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would become a Dark Lord. “It’s Harry and This is the first chapter of my new Harry Potter fanfic. Looking for 2 Harry Potter stories 1. The Harry Potter Character For Your Myers-Briggs Type. In 1992, he teaches it to Ginny and brings her into the glorious world of perversion. Lots of pointy stickiness all-round as Harry, Ron & Hermione get a little help in the war against Lord Voldermort. “If that is indeed the case, then my ability to travel abroad could be seriously curtailed in the near future. Dan and Phil are best friends (this is the relationship status they have established, and we They go back to their first yr, with their memories intact, to save everyone they can. net: Linked from A Bad Week at the mot - Free download as PDF File (. The friend said: "David had done the TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 TABLE OF CONTENTS: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 www. At the novel’s climax, the two of them come face to face and, much to Harry’s surprise, fall into each other’s arms. Time Travel. Warnings: Violence, rape, character death, mental illnesses (Dissociative Identity Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress, Paranoid Schizophrenia), slash, Pre-HBP Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was published on 8th July 1999 to worldwide acclaim and massive press attention. K. How'd it Fanfic: Got One Hundred Steps to Go (Tonight I'll Make it Ninety Nine) Ch 1, Harry Potter | FanFiction More information Find this Pin and more on ABC by Megan . In addition to the post-series fics and drabbles found on “Harry Potter” fanfic boards, there are still plenty of many-chapter fanfics that took place during the time of later books like Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. S. Theresa, Abby, and I discussed Tatum, the letter writer. » Portkey A fanfiction site mostly devoted to Harry/Herrmione, but also featuring Ron/Luna, Lily/James and Draco/Ginny stories. It focuses on the adventures of the generation after the Golden Trio Era. Did he really get anything for himself? Not really. K. . Harry has to stay with Snape during the summer at Hogwarts. It may only be September, but Warner Bros. Stories in which the Harry Potter characters read the Harry Potter books. When it comes to sharing your work, you have a lot of options between many different fanfiction sites and fanfiction apps! I’m going to go over all the major options (all of Harry Potter Goblet Of Fire Harrry's Name Get's Picked Out From The Goblet Of Fire - Duration: 4:48. But she goes further than planned and ends up in a time before she was even born. Harry James Potter. It also involves him doing so to change the future from happening. 1 Feb 2010 Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination The no money sucks but there you go, at least I don't get lawyers knocking on my door. Its the first time that I've done anything other than Anthro stories. com Harry - best boy, best leader, babies way too fucking much, all the members cherish him deeply, usually found seated on Tom’s lap Harry Stans are called Seven Nation Draco - SO GAY. 5. The ICW's international trade relations body still functioned from the building that housed the Guild for more than two millennia. GillyWeed 6,972,454 views Join Harry as he discovers his magical abilities and learns to navigate the wizarding world in the complete Harry Potter collection, featuring award-winning narration by Jim Dale. Soul Searching is my first Harry Potter fanfic, written right after Half Blood Prince came out. That was something every male in Gryffindor Tower knew. Please watch the warnings because it will have some SQUEAK in it. That does mean that An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Our decision stands, Harry Potter will remain hidden in the Muggle world. There's het in my slash, parody in my angst, dark stories have fluffy sequels, etc. Between the multi-media juggernaut that is the Harry Potter book, stage, video game, film and merchandising franchise and the resulting tidal wave of Potter-inspired fanfic, there are now millions of people around the world who – at least some of the time – live by the words J. HP and the Return of the Valkyrie: udderpd: Harry Potter This is an unofficial fan site and is not connected or endorsed by J. Fan fictions are for those readers who got their heart broken by the authors in book series. Potter,” the man stated, “But as I know that there are only two members of the House of Potter left, I find that relatively difficult to comprehend. The ensuing chain of events cause the entire wizarding world to tremble. 608 Different Possibilities in the Magical World of Harry Potter Harry is a baby, turned back into one, raised by Snape, or someone else, is a brother, sister, twin, sibling, powerful, abused, or as a girl,or turned into one, some DH MPreg, NO HG or that many time travel. Tom Marvolo Riddle is hereby given temporary refuge in Hogwarts, so long as Dumbledore was unceremoniously kicked off the Wizengamot, ICW and Hogwarts, in that order. Story includes multiple jumps back in time and intertwines with the first book. Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Harry/Luna: It seemed like a normal morning for Harry Potter. It begins immediately following HBP and goes through the summer. Couldn't live without it some would say. Harry the Whore Chapter one Harry was a whore. com is an authorized, ad-free mirror of Eliezer Yudkowsky ‘s epic Harry Potter fanfic, Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (originally under the pen name Less Wrong ). To get started, all you need is a pen, a In LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4, only the ground floor and first floor are accessible. Highlight Links . The Order Reads: Prologue Remus Lupin and Sirius Black entered the building followed closely by James and Lily Potter. Dan and Phil are best friends (this is the relationship status they have established, and we Harry Potter Fanfic Where The Dursleys Go To Hogwarts? Can someone PLEASEPLEASE tell me where I can read a harry potter fanfic where the dursleys go to hogwarts and see harry performing magic etc or hogwarts had an open day and parents go there?? The year is 2002. There's a lot going on here and if you're a fan of anything I mentioned, then do be sure to drop by and pay a visit. We have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the internet right here. Harry had desired emancipation so that he could move the Potter Estate away from Britain. This is where all the business savvy Harry Potter stories can be kept. Only its from china, so there are weird names and goblins have eyes that "shine with cunning" and MC is "horrified all his secrets are seen through" by ollivander. Albus Potter and the Next Generation is a multi-universe. “It’s Harry and source: HARRY POTTER algorithm: PREDICTIVE © 2018 botnikstudios Chapter 1: A Day of Very Low Probability. He's now a girl. com Everything About Fiction You Never Wanted to Know. Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Harry/Ginny: In Harry's fifth year, Ginny decides to take a chance and tell Harry how she feels, but gets rejected by Harry because of his crush on Cho. Why? Well, let's see, her family hates her, her house hates her, she only has 4 friends, and one of them is about to become her lover Harry Potter and wizards of all generations come together to do the important task of, you guessed it, reading fanfiction. It’s set post-canon, but with no epilogue. Additionally, schedule break-time activities, such as pretend dueling or Potterverse pictionary in between movies. "That's Harry Potter!" many began whispering excitedly, others pointing and Fortunately for the team, Cedric actually was a very good Keeper—not as good as Wood, but better than any other Keeper at the school since Harry's former Quidditch captain graduated to go and marry the woman who had successfully poached him in his fifth year. 31 Aug 2011. Explore the corridors and classrooms of Hogwarts™. Facebook Twitter Pinterest she wrote a 30,000-word Harry Potter fanfiction. In this sequel to You’re Still You and New Year, New Hope Harry learns that his role as “savior” of the Wizarding world is more complicated than he thought and that he needs his friends and mentors more Ron was now making his way up the stairs towards the beds. Lord Voldemort accidentally turned Harry Potter into a Horcrux. , Ginny W. Mostly completed stories, with some still on-going, but often updated stories. These stories involve Harry Potter traveling into either the future or past. - 3,235 words - 1 chapter - 1 reviews - 1 favorites - 3 follows The Mortalest of Enemies by MykEsprit Thor and the Avengers came across a new adversary, which has Loki feeling a little jealous. Well In the part Harry finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Also stories where the British Royal Family is involved. Mostly it was all in good fun, or to send a message to a real asshole. Strictly Harry and Hermione. ” YOU ARE READING. They had all graduated from Hogwarts a scant two months ago (two weeks later James and Lily had joined the countless couples who married early due to the heavy atmosphere that had settled upon the wizarding world). The Sum of Their Parts Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic. Even on days that seemed relatively quiet, they still called her in to question her. Read along as Harry tries to survive in a highly sexualized Hogwarts. Summary: Summer at the Dursleys’ is typical for Harry Potter who hopes his stay with his relatives will only last two weeks at most. Then there's S for sensing, which means using your senses to gather information, and N for intuiting, which means adding to information with your innate intuition. pdf), Text File (. Harry Potter loved dick. 29 Jul 2017 The only thing keeping him going is water from the garden hose and the The last time he'd had a proper meal was back on the Hogwarts  29 Sep 2016 It goes without saying that there will be swearing. That is, until a painful and unpleasant feeling overcame that sends him to the Room Of Requirement to take care it. All abt fan service/keeping his Stans happy Draco Reviewing anime, manga, Japanese light novels, answering questions for my fan fictions and giving news about my original stories. The Potter family is a very old one, but it was never (until the birth of Harry James Potter) at the very forefront of wizarding history, contenting itself with a solid and comfortable existence in the backwaters. All submitted "FanFic" stories remain the property of their authors and must not be copied in any form without their consent. In pursuit of immortality, the Dark Lord split his soul into several pieces – through murder – Harry Potter FanFic Archive. Sticky Header . From delectable sweets to intoxicating drinks to mouth-watering treats, this is a community for business-minded Harry. A real author, the logic goes, having moved on to writing their own books, doesn’t look back. Org is not in any way associated with or related to FanFiction. Follow TV Tropes AU. When the Hogwarts letters go out in 1991, Harry Potter doesn't receive one. You told us to sort your mail and pass on things that you should handle. Hello there, I am on a hunt for Harry/Ron/Hermione fiction, whereby all three are in a poly relationship. Las 242 mejores imágenes de YURI ON ICW FAV en 2018 | Yuri In my spare time, I write fanfiction and lead a cult of cock worshippers on the Internet. Harry is offered the power of the Geass from a girl in the middle of the street one day. I enjoy such fiction because Ron is often written more in line with canon as a capable, level-headed and witty person, which is unfortunately uncommon in fanon. You kicked Dumbledore out of the ICW. The ICW still hadn’t lifted its edict of Britain being an “enemy state”, but the members’ questions seemed to have softened over the past two weeks. Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin is a Harry Potter Deconstruction Fic exploring the common Wrong Boy-Who-Lived premise of many HP fanfictions. Harry and Hermione meet the Goddess of Love, and she offers to let them go back in time. Rowling or Warner Bros. I'm looking for The Chronicles of Aprodite Potter by Padfootette. The Hugo Weasley series is the life of Hugo Weasley as he struggles with adolescence and his enemies. A teenager named Evan Mason was reincarnated into the magical world of Harry Potter and goes to school at Hogwarts! With only his knowledge of the future and great talent for magic, he takes the path towards the top of the magic world, only to realize that ever step he took, changed everything! And then you have the scene in The Deathly Hallows when Harry's best friend Ron, Hermione, Ron's brothers, Fleur Delacour and others all found out the hard way what it's like to have Harry Potter's junk in their trousers when they took the potion during a ploy to create a bunch of Potter decoys to foil an assassination attempt. It spans multiple books and is being written by The Sinister Man. This fic is widely considered to have really hit its stride starting at around Chapter 5. Reading the Harry Potter Books. It's not the usual kind of hobby for a 40ish "domestic engineer" but we live in a modern world and I like fucking with people's expectations. AU Harry, Hermione and her parents go on vacation together, and they decide not to go back to Hogwarts. Who is your Harry Potter soul mate? Which Weasley brother is your boy? (Harry Potter quiz for girls) Which Harry Potter man is for you? Who is your Hogwarts bf? Who is your Hogwarts dream guy? Which Harry Potter character is your perfect date? Which Harry Potter Character is your Soulmate? Which Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Character is Harry Potter Film Retweeted Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Muggles aren't used to books that bite back. The book spent four weeks at No. Harry's heart was beating faster than ever now; she could hear each of Ron's heavy footsteps. A flat metal plate on a door affords pushing, and a handle on a door affords pulling, and the thing to do with a testable hypothesis is to go and test it. You could also split your marathon into 2 days, or just choose a few of your favorite movies. With a Forked Tongue I Lie in Wait (Taming Snakes) Warnings Inside. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, prior to the Battle of the Seven Potters, Mad-Eye Moody tells the group to "head to the Burrows" rather than "The Burrow". Romance fics, mentor fics, friendship fics, 'Harry is the Heir of Slytherin' fics, 'Salazar as a ghost' fics, reincarnation fics, and even some portrait!Salazar fics are all here. Harry sleeps on a sofa, which used to be in the teacher's lounge but Lockheart had split pink/violet ink on it. So, as Ginny danced with fellow war hero Dean Thomas, Harry was leaning against the back wall watching the married couple of honour glide across the dance floor. Harry Potter • 3040 stories • Updated 7 Sep. This blog contains fanfiction of all ratings; if you don't like it then please don't read it! Fanfiction websites. Those were the highlights, mostly it was something like a live angry possum Harry Potter Ideas, Discussion, and Recs thread: Ninth Times the Charm. Not only that, he is a Vampire and the Lord Elder at that. It is into this world Harry Potter is thrust into, and know must surrive. Related Questions More Answers Below. To get started, all you need is a pen, a When he had tried to go up in a pick-up game with the Weasleys a few months ago, his broom simply wouldn’t go up in the air. A self insert gary stu fanfic fixfic of harry potter. Title Author Categories Site ; 1. Etiquette and Correspondence: The things Harry can't seem to get away from. In this fanfiction, Nymphadora Tonks winds up in Hell, meets various mass murderers, madmen, and serial killers from throughout history, and falls in love with the seventh President of the United States of America. Harry Potter - 2019-08-04 Complete - M - Drama/Tragedy - Blaise Z. Dean Thomas makes a drawing of the Hogwarts Express with I think the students saying their taking the P. Plagued by memories of his past life and smarter than before everything is about to change. Marauders in the future {Harry Potter fanfiction} Teen Fiction. Harry Potter is The Boy Who Lived, singled out by Lord Voldemort at birth to be his greatest rival, and our hero. Inventive and practical use of a tagging system makes this archive different from most -- click on a tag in a story's description,… Harry Potter Sex Stories & Erotic Fanfiction Harry Potter Smut, Lemons, PWP, Porn without Plot and more!! “She goes crazy when I ate out her hot cunt last night In shocking news, Albus Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump and Headmaster of Hogwarts, has reported that Harry Potter is alive and well. Slow Burn Romance. Author: Doppleganger Romance/Humor Rated PG-13 Summary: On a fine Tuesday morning, Harry Potter wakes and and decides he is in love. A Harry Potter rec site covering a wide variety of pairings and genres. Harry saw Harry’s glasses. A Pony goes to Hogworts. 18 Jan 2008 Harry Potter was a guest and an invited speaker. The Guild Hall held one of the other two portraits of Salazar, where he spent most of his time before meeting Harry. Harry Potter ' s potential social and political impact was called similar to the 19th-century phenomenon of Harriet Beecher Stowe's popular, but critically maligned book, Uncle Tom's Cabin, which fuelled the abolitionist movement leading up to the American Civil War. Dudley Dursley is standing downstairs with a trunk by his side. Follow TV Tropes Jun 29, 2019- Explore Jack Johnson's board "Books are", followed by 269 people on Pinterest. The Book of Albus (2nd book) tells of Harry and Ginny's son, Albus, going back in time to prevent Harry from dying at ~40 yrs old. Dumbledore sent Harry to the Cullens for protection, but later and Bella as another layer of protection. The game will launch under Portkey Games, from Warner Bros. Net Adult-FanFiction. And Harry Potter fans’ creativity is still being felt in and outside of the fandom. 45 videos Play all Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix | Year 5 (Full Movie) HarryPotter Films The Story of Lord Voldemort: Tom Riddle Origins Explained (Re-Upload July, 2017) - Duration: 25:52. fictrack. "It really was just a matter of time before Delores-since my family knows her well I feel like I can call her that- before she got this school running smoothly. The authors generally have the female a very Intelligent person, understanding, and help Harry with any flaws that he has. Tune in every morning from 4am to 8am. Rowling. Harry Potter and Future's Past Fanfiction. All donations are used to provide the service; no profits are made by the site owners, developers, or authors from publishing works on this site. Kotaku East is your slice of Asian internet culture, bringing you the latest talking points from Japan, Korea, China and beyond. They all turn out pretty much the same, and it gets boring after seeing it over and over. Luckily for Harry, he doesn’t have to do this all alone. Take off with Harry Potter™ and his friends to soar above the castle on a journey like no other. Thousands of fans have written their own stories based on the world of Harry Potter, which are published on the net. A Very Potter Musical tells the story of Harry Potter's return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, his participation in the House Cup Championship, the trials and tribulations of adolescence, and the return of the dark wizard Lord Voldemort and the Golden Trio's attempts to destroy the Horcruxes. This is not "Harry Potter Characters read fanfiction of fanfiction". Then again, look at Fudge. Harry potter x fleur delacour lemon fanfiction. com or find him on Twitter@Brian_Ashcraft. The ICW was investigating this stall tactic by the Goblins and were sure it was enforced by a treaty Harry Potter stole all the money from the people he kidnapped. Has all the knowledge abt gay sex, usually makes passes at Harry. Harry could sense Andromeda Tonks stiffen next to him, and Ginny made a disgusted noise, but Diggory didn't seem to object. It will be PWP and Harry is a MINOR in this fanfic. 5 Harry Potter Fan fictions Better Than 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' The Harry Potter play has been called "bad fan fiction. They are the main characters, but it's not necessarily a romantic relationship. Harry Potter and its characters are property of JK Rowling in association with Warner Brothers. Many people have recommended Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, which is an enormously popular fic with one significant drawback: Its characters, themes, and story bear almost no resemblance to the characters, themes, or story of the ori Adult-FanFiction. Rowling's seven-book masterpiece from the beginning, with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. Some Harry Potter Fanfic Resources An Archive of Our Own (AO3) A fan-created, fan-run archive for fanfiction in just about any fandom. Harry got up and left the boy's sleeping quarters - teddy bears and action figures unique to the wizarding community sprawled across the floor, a massive floating baby mobile of ducks and frogs and smiling little suns, all moving and playing with one another in mid air playing with one another - in order to meet his friends in the Gryffindor common room. 1 in the adult hardback bestseller charts, while Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone simultaneously topped the paperback charts in the UK. Harry Potter was supposed to be the golden boy, the savior of the wizarding world. Let’s start at the beginning, when even Lord Voldemort, one of the most powerful wizards of all time, saw his magic go spectacularly wrong. Chapter 6-Harry-Pacing in his office in his black armor covered by a hooded cloak Harry smiled as he looked down on the village and saw the different elf groups mingling with the Amazon women and a few goblins. Harry Potter and The Presently Past Read The Books by Stelladelnordxd. com; HPFanfiction. YAOI. org by its members. Starts out the day after the Battle of Hogwarts. So you'll find a list of category descriptions by each, and you'll find the pairings as well. if it happened in the Harry Potter universe! Friendship is Magic Fanfiction Designed and coded by knighty & Xaquseg Harry Potter and the Order of the Phenoix: I swear if Malfoy meantioned Umbridge and how close she was to that evilness he called a family; I would sincerly kill him. Britain no longer met ICW standards for Potions, History of Magic,  24 Jul 2015 The day after the battle after you disappeared I went to Hogwarts to…claim the . Jump to navigation Jump to search J. A listing dedicated to fics of a romantic nature involving Harry Potter and Severus Snape. Not only that, but since Harry would do anything to keep her safe, it was arguable that she was safer with him. Carry On’s origin story is unique, too: its protagonist, Simon Snow, the “worst Chosen One who’s ever been chosen”, originated in Rowell’s 2013 celebrated YA novel Fangirl, about a girl who writes fanfiction about the Harry Potter-esque Simon Snow series. Dumbledore, for his actions at the ICW meeting, was sent to a cell in the ICW prison  5 Nov 2009 Sirius Black gets a full trial, with Veritiserum. NC-17, Harry/various in other chapters. For all the cafe, bar, and restaurant ownerships. If you still don't like it after Chapter 10, give up. Harry must now explore those effects, and magic itself, all while battling killer teachers, giant beasts, and more in a school that really needs a safety board. Harry, Hermione and her parents go on vacation together, and they decide not to go back to Hogwarts. Harry growing up with muggle gangsters. When the Marauders are slipped a time potion, they find themselves travelling years into the future, and end up in the same year as none other than Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality HPMOR. In the early 2000s, Harry Potter fan forums, fanfiction and fan art archives, and email discussion groups exploded across the internet. Ron and Harry were now in their fifth year in Hogwarts, which meant they had to pick two special subjects alongside their OWLs, which they would sit later in the year, before progressing to their NEWTs, which would allow them to pick a degree subject at one of the wizarding universities. Draco/Harry Fanfic Recs. Fan clubs are setup in numerous places around the world but the best place to find fanfiction is at the offical Harry Potter Fanfiction website. That is until a friend arrives to help him take in a way he never expected her to. Tom Riddle is easy enough to take care of, Landover Baptist's ongoing efforts against the forces of darkness, manifest through Harry Potter! This month: THE JESUS YOUTH are enlisted to spray Compressed Lamb's Blood from fire extinguishers into crowds of Harry Potter Half Blood theater goers! i. I see the defence seem to be amply supplied with witnesses — do any of you wish to speak on this point?" Sticky Header . fanfiction. fanfiction. It's AU starting in the summer of Harry's second year. The largest known C2 community story archive solely dedicated to ACTUAL "Harry Potter Characters reading the Harry Potter books" stories on this website. " Stories were Harry is sent to Azkaban prison. SLASH. If you are able to please visit his GoFundMe and donate. The Author applies the words to the paper or it gets the hose. A quick refresher: book 3, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, introduces us to Sirius Black, the titular prisoner, on the lam after twelve years of incarceration for mass murder, and to Professor Remus Lupin, a wry, gentle schoolteacher carrying a terrible secret (he’s a werewolf). Percy Jackson receives a quest from Dumbledore to go protect Harry at Hogwarts I know that the time periods for each separate character doesn't make sense, so let's ignore it. It was much like the Ministry in that regard — so many people, rushing to one meeting or another. Soul Bond - Time Travel #bond #harry #potter #soul #time #travel As Harry and Hermione's wedding day approaches, they have to get to the bottom of the mysterious reapparance in their lives of Ron? For any newcomers who are happening upon this story by accident, don't read it unless you've read the two that came before it, "The Paradigm of Uncertainty" followed by "The Show that Never Ends. Rowling says Harry Potter's story 'is done now' with 'Cursed Child' release - SnitchSeeker. Thursday, June 4, 2009 Altering The Future: Reading Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone It's canon, but a Harry Potter x Twilight crossover. The Hugo Weasley Series Edit. When Buffy died at the end of season 1, the spell hiding her true magical heritage was broken. Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter has started the countdown to the festive season by announcing the return of Hogwarts in the Snow and Dinner in the Great Hall events. If something happened that the Muggles noticed, the questioning was always much longer and more intense. 26 Jun 2013 22:44:11 UTC: All snapshots: from host www. Since no one was there, Montgomery made sure that the ICW records had indeed . txt) or read online for free. Hadrian Salazar Riddle - A Harry Potter Fanfiction Fanfiction. Coming up with your own Harry Potter character can be a fun and creative way to add even more depth to the wondrous world of witchcraft and wizardry. It’s summer, but sleepaway camp hasn’t started yet, which means I’m up at 2am and probably won’t go to sleep until at least 5. Lily Potter wasn’t really light, she was secretly the Dark Lady and the Dark Lord’s wife. For all the broom stores and book stores that are owned. Many foreign wizards appear in this fanfic, quite interesting. In a series of interviews over the years, the author has revealed the future of the Harry Potter characters, far That Big Harry Potter Reveal Was a New 'Cursed Child' Logo Go back to your dormitory, no more movies are coming – but the new poster is nice to look at. of the ICW to kill if it was necessary to protect Harry Potter. Keira Marcos, you write some bloody brilliant stuff the only story I’ve been so immersed in apart from “Harry Potter and The Soulmates Bond” is the FanFiction called “Harry Potter and The Futures Past”. He then escapes or becomes Lord of Azkaban. "Oh, very well, I suppose you're right. After a change in signage after months of subtly changing the logo for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, news broke today that Warner Bros. Harry Potter FanFiction. These two, fans believe, are none other than James Potter’s elderly parents —Harry Potter’s grandparents. source: HARRY POTTER algorithm: PREDICTIVE © 2018 botnikstudios The Official Anime Versions of Harry Potter Characters. Rowling stated that Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is the closing chapter of Harry Potter's story, while promoting the plays at this weekend's J. He is the one who survived the Killing Curse, the one destined to go against the Dark Lord, he is powerful. In 2005, a man was sentenced to four years in prison after firing a replica gun at a journalist during a staged deal for stolen copies of an unreleased Harry Potter novel, and attempting to blackmail the publisher with threats of releasing secrets from the book. People quickly got out of his way, recognizing him as the Supreme Mugwump, but soon their attention shifted. Her life isn't easy; far from it. R, time travel. Growing up in London alone, Harry may escape the abuse of the Dursley's but he enters a world of neglect and handwork. This link leads you to the Harry Potter fandom archive. Harry the Whore. Now with the ability to make every woman fall in love with him just by being in his presence, his life in thrown into a spiral of romance, 5 Harry Potter Fan fictions Better Than 'Harry Potter And The Cursed Child' The Harry Potter play has been called "bad fan fiction. These are stories that feature Harry involved in a polygamy relationship(s). I hope you can help me. What happens when Ginny goes through puberty and becomes gorgeous over the following summer? Eventual Lemon. They then went into Slytherin and experienced many stories. A year before, the Dursley family sent the child to an orphanage in London with a different name and a new identity. What they don't know is that he is not a wizard. MC was a (chinese) huge fan of Harry Potter and read the books multiple times. Harry went back to Voldemort’s time and became his friend. Equinox (The Master of Death) Chapter 1: Once More Unto the Breach, a harry potter fanfic. Harry. Also my Harry Potter knoweledge isn't completely up to date so if you see anything out of place don't be afraid to tell me. This mistake is repeated by one of the film's production staff in a Blu-ray special feature describing the making of one of the scenes. But with whom is the big questionfollow the day of the Hogwarts student body as the mystery is unraveled. Nymphadora Tonks Goes To Hell is a Harry Potter Crack Fic by Fan Fiction Dot Net user The Impossible Slashtronaut. Harry Potter • 3017 stories • Updated 25 Aug. If they do it'll be because of magic. Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Snape/Hermione: An A. Located : Harry Potter > Het - Male/Female > Voldemort/Ginny In 1942, Tom slowly descends into the world of perversion. The release of the third Potter movie is expected to boost the already hugely-popular fan fiction phenomenon. “His situation isn’t even being monitored by the Children’s Protective Services—he’s being denied his basic rights as a magical child and as the future head of the House of Potter. The acronym is P. Thirdly, you've got F for feeling or T for thinking when it comes to decision-making. Dumbledore ought to have known better than to leave an orphaned Harry Potter in the hands of the Dursleys. Following the accident that occured in January, that injured David Holmes, Dan Radcliffe's stuntman, it has been reported that he will never walk again and shall remain confined to a wheelchair. You know the gist, of course. had reportedly bought the rights to Cursed Child, or at Harry Potter Name Generator Discover your inner witch, wizard or Muggle alter-ego with our Harry Potter Name Generator. Albus guided Harry through the crowds in the ICW building. -0--0--0-Dear Harry, You received this letter today. The Harry Potter Common Room (defunct, Wayback) Harry Potter FanFic Archive (no slash) Harryoteca (Portuguese) HarryPotterFanfiction. I'm going to leave the British Isles, on the condition that no one from Britain ever . Roll your Harry Potter Adventure! Discussion in 'Fanfic Discussion' started by Andrela, Oct 19, 2014. As the Wizarding World's gratitude to Harry Potter turned into perverse lust, Harry is used, taken and claimed. " Help support HPFFA - Donate today! Any amount is appreciated! Home; Register; Login; Rules; Terms of Service; Contact Us; Most Recent; Authors; Categories; Titles Harry Potter: King of the Amazons. Erebus Ferrox Riddle by dan4eva. Rowling are based on claims that the novels contain occult or Satanic subtexts. ONLY! Every kind of story - AU, magical creature, Dark!Harry, Light!bashing, and everything else there is. This is a Percy Jackson and harry potter crossover. He took handfuls at the foot of the tree, and then walked forward, underneath its glass and beckoned to do something before he changed his wand. This time as Voldemort’s son. Stop! Just… just stop, author. Rowling owns Harry Potter, and no one owns the methods of rationality. Harry Potter’s the Master of Death where he could reincarnate many times. Pairing: Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort Summary: LV/HP Kiddnapped as a baby, Harry Potter is raised oblivious under Dagnar Lystad’s powerful regime in Norway. Thursday, June 4, 2009 Altering The Future: Reading Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone A Chance to Change it All (Harry Potter time travel fanfiction) Fanfiction Harry Potter and his soulmate, Daphne Greengrass, manipulated and betrayed by almost everyone they hold dear, travel back in time to their younger selves to change the fate of the wizarding world. Voldemort was killed a week ago by Harry Potter, who has united the vampires of Europe. "What on ea “Harry Potter, sir,” he replied, “but didn’t I already tell…” “You did, Mr. Hot chicks with pointy sticks meet young wizards with, er, pointy sticks. ” “Huh? I’m lost. "I'm going to take Harry somewhere safe and then, I'm going to hunt down a rat and . The curse Voldemort cast on baby Harry had far-reaching effects on Harry’s magic. Or, Harry refuses to play along with the plans of scumbags, and proves why child-soldiers with immense magical power are a bad idea. ⚡️ Pottermore 4d Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is the first game in which players can create their own character and experience life as a Hogwarts student. Interactive Entertainment, the games label dedicated to creating new Wizarding World mobile and video game experiences that place the player at Unlike other fan fiction sites, FanFiction. He is usually sent there because he was framed for a crime or crimes that he did not commit. As several fans have pointed out in the "Harry Potter" Reddit community, Quirrell was sharing his body with Lord Voldemort at the time. After reading through every ship, canon and cliche, will they make it out alive? Probably not, let's be honest. What waited for him at the bottom surprised him. Harry Potter Fanfiction by Amanuensis Categorizing my stories confounds me. To contact the author of this post, write to bashcraftATkotaku. For Teddy Lupin, Harry Potter would take down the Ministry or die trying. At this point, this might as well be an Overlord crossover. I do belive that the cause of this, and from what I have read in Harry/Muggle girl fics, is the overused plots and ideas. Harry Potter (novel)‎ | WMG. I thought I was the only member of the house of Potter left. Harry Potter Movies Reading the Harry Potter Books. See more ideas about Hogwarts, Harry potter universal and Harry potter world. Read if you dare about the worst Harry Potter fan fiction ever Published in segments in 2006-2007 as Harry Potter fanfic, it focuses not on Harry, Hermione, Dumbledore later goes goth, but i. Discussion in 'The Index' started by AkumaOuja, Jul 21, 2014. republic has taken over the thread! 5 / 5, 3 votes. A seven part story by Aliceandjasperforever. Page 1 of the Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family category (33 stories) at Twisting the Hellmouth. Harry Potter who was also present at the exercise escaped those trying to  11 May 2008 Harry Potter was taken from the remains of Godric's Hollow by Sirius. But pay attention that in this fanfic Dumbledore is grey… If you like Dumbledore you may be careful with this fic. A number of Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox Christians have argued against the series, as have some Shia and Sunni Muslims. After a family tragedy, Harry is forced into the world of politics at a young age. Potter is a not uncommon Muggle surname, and the family did not make the so-called ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ Summary: When Draco Malfoy's mental health mysteriously declines, he is placed under the care of the only person he responds to: Harry Potter. The damage seems reversible in time, judging by Broderick Bode, an Unspeakable who was Imperiused into attempting to retrieve the Prophecy regarding Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort, in 1995. Minor - well maybe major Ginny, Ron and Dumbledore Bashing. They vary from oneshots to novel length fics and can be any genre. However, Dumbledore's plan started to crumble when the letters were sent and Harry Potter responded like a pureblood would. Harry Potter/Tom Riddle. Just as the tree links the Black family to the Malfoys, the Weasleys, the Prewetts, and other pure-blood families by marriage, it may also provide a link to Harry Potter himself, by way of Dorea Black’s marriage to Charlus Potter. This C2 houses stories all about Harry Potter and Salazar Slytherin. Harry Potter Character Discussion. And my only problem with that was that it lacked sexual situations; something which you handled perfectly. Please visit HPMOR DOT COM for: * Easy email notification system, RSS feed, and Twitter feed for new chapters; A real author, the logic goes, having moved on to writing their own books, doesn’t look back. Refer to the manual, or the Goodreads Librarians Group. Disclaimer: J. No longer holding a grudge, he seeks to shape Harry into the greatest wizard of all time, starting on the day Hagrid took Harry to Diagon Alley. The Lily Potter series chronicles the life of Lily Luna Potter as she goes to Hogwarts, joins a band, gets a boyfriend, and fights evil. 28 Things That Happened After The Harry Potter Books Ended As told by J. View Harry-potter Pics and every kind of Harry-potter sex you could want - and it will always be free! We can assure you that nobody has more variety of porn content than we do. And if our objectives are achieved, then it matters little how the vote at the ICW goes. Any trade marks that appear on the site are used without permission and remain the property of their respective owners. A friend said: "David is struggling to come to terms with the news. Join the Statute of Secrecy Task Force in @ HPWizardsUnite . " Well, here's some actual fan fictions with better stories. org That would work equally well I think. Goodreads allows fanfiction if they are completed, self-published, and book-length. A few parts of us die, when the author decides to kill our favorite character or our OTP (One True Pair) do not end up together. NickyxGabrielle. In the end, though, they both came to an understanding. The trouble with Boggarts IMO is that whole "They showyou your greatest fear. Horus Goes Home: SamStone: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire A Closing Chapter in the Life of Harry: Cullsi: Harry Potter Harry goes on the run from Dumbledore and the order. Rather than explain it, I’ll just copy the summary here. Hi I'm liking for a couple of stories. So, when Dumbledore sets up baby Harry to be abused and molded as a weapon, the Potter Elves do what they can to combat him. He did make the point to Fudge that Harry Potter will be an adult before the next election and that the combined Black and Potter vaults have as much loose change in them as the Malfoy vaults with significantly less "stigma" attached to them. The most common main character is Albus Potter. Well, there are two other stories that come to mind then. A book’s total score is based on multiple factors, including the number of people who have voted for it and how highly those voters ranked the book. net: More Info: 52. HARRY AND SIRIUS ARE RELATED BY BLOOD. Full Name. Harry Potter FanFic Archive. The only thing missing is R rated fics as FFnet won't allow them to be added, so check out the other fics by these authors for more Snarry goodness! Harry Potter • 3040 stories • Updated 7 Sep. org (French) Harry Potter Fanfiction Archiv (German) HP Fandom; The Ink and Quill (defunct) Lumos (part of Sycophant Hex) Marauders' Map FanFiction; MuggleNet Fanfiction; Obscurus (defunct, Wayback) But Harry Potter changed the world. At least flying by itself was still allowed. Harry mentally shrugged. “I would have been willing to go further than that if I had to," Levine said in author of the incredibly popular Harry Potter fanfic The Draco Trilogy. " Well that's kinda easy when writing a scene for kids (a big spider, a mummy, Snape) or a worried mother (her dead family)kinda a lot harder for those whose greatest fears are a lot more complex than big spiders. where Hermione goes back in time to try and prevent the disastrous events of the Battle of Hogwarts. 13 Nov 2017 (A/n Harry Potter/Sofia the First/Marvel/Blue Bloods/Once Upon a xBelle (That is going to be a little mystery for a while). Harry Potter Movies Hey DLP authors, there's a bit less than a month left to wow us with your story about Daphne or Azkaban. Then Harry cast a much more powerful version of the Obliviate charm so that no Muggle will remember a boy named Harry Potter, closed his no-longer-guardians room's door and walked down the stairs. U. Net allowed stories about any characters rather than revolving around a specific set of characters, such as those from Naruto, Harry Potter, or Kingdom Hearts. He goes to the Gryffindor common room. Legal disputes over the Harry Potter series. Hadrian Salazar Riddle - A Harry Potter Fanfiction. HP and the Return of the Valkyrie: udderpd: Harry Potter Harry Potter is different from the rest. Simply fill in the form below and then share your name with friends! Religious debates over the Harry Potter series of books by J. Later in the book, Harry sees that Voldemort's face is sticking out of the back of Quirrell's head — which means Fred and George were actually hitting Voldemort in the face with snowballs. Experience J. org or the AFF forum take no responsibility for the works posted to the Adult-FanFiction. Many different authors contribute to this- not a single one necessarily owns the title of Albus Potter and the Next The Order Reads: Prologue Remus Lupin and Sirius Black entered the building followed closely by James and Lily Potter. Harry  10 Nov 2011 "Harry Potter. A twist of fate has the boy-who-lived living with criminals. This blog contains fanfiction of all ratings; if you don't like it then please don't read it! Harry Potter author JK Rowling has given her blessing to fans who write their own Potter stories online. However, Percy and I have some ideas for entrapping Dumbledore and Potter which will require your expertise. Go far beyond the school grounds with Hagrid™ to brave the wilds of the Forbidden Forest on an all-new thrilling roller coaster – now open. A great way to host a Harry Potter marathon is to have a sleepover party, since all the Harry Potter movies add up to about 20 hours. Harry Potter • 3017 stories • Updated 28 Aug. Harry finally got it through his ‘thick skull’ (according to Ginny) that she was, in fact, not safe anywhere. org (AFF, the site), its owners, agents, and any other entities related to Adult-FanFiction. With nothing left to lose, Harry sends himself as far back into the past as his death will allow him. Harry/multi. Remus John Lupin Gryffindor student before Harry's time, Marauder, friend of James Potter, werewolf, Professor of Defence Against the Dark Arts in Harry's third year, member of the Order of the Phoenix, husband of Nymphadora Lupin (née Tonks) and father of Teddy Remus Lupin, killed in the Deathly Hallows by Dolohov By J. It's canon, but a Harry Potter x Twilight crossover. There he finds more magical connections. Stories where Harry becomes a member of a Royal family. New Divide Chapter 01 of 16, a harry potter fanfic Harry Potter is the BWL and by some twist of Fate he was also the reincarnation of Voldemort’s murdered lover. Besides searching for Horcruxes, the focus is on the relationship between Harry and Hermione. Lucius Malfoy noted that Bode showed unusual resistance to the Imperius curse, which Augustus Rookwood suggested may have been because the Unspeakable knew Harry had two meetings with Scrimgeour, in which Harry Potter's co-operation with the Ministry was solicited for his propaganda value: the Ministry wanted Harry to be the "poster child" for the Ministry so as to give the public hope, by telling them that the Ministry remained a source of safety, strength, and that "the Chosen One" endorsed the Cressida Barone is one of Harry Potter's closest friends. harry potter goes to the icw fanfiction

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