Bad idler pulley noise

The most common symptom of a bad or failing drive belt tensioner is noise from the belts or tensioner. My charger has been making a weird wining sound for the past like two weeks. If the noise goes away without the serpentine belt on you can likely feel the bad bearing. noise went away. Based on what you have replaced I would guess the idler pulley or perhaps the A/C compressor clutch bearing. water pump has smooth humming noise Pretty much, if they're not making noise they're fine; If they're making noise they need to be replaced. You should be able to find one in a junkyard since it pretty much fits any Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep product with a 3. IIRC, there was a TSB for early years of the fourth generation where the idler pulley was slightly out of alignment and caused noise. Remove snapring from pulley that retains bearing. Now generally the idler pulley is the part which begins to fail and cause a high pitched squealing noise. The idler pulley could be causing your GE dryer noisy problem. Dryer stopped spinning, thought belt broke, plastic idler pulley melted and fell off pin, found on bottom of the dryer after my wife said she heard a loud bang. If the tensioner is loose the belts may squeak or squeal, especially when the engine is first started. You might also have a sort of loud bearing noise while the car is at idle in non-freezing temps. About the same noise level as when I put the stethoscope on the NEW alternator. The engine belts will make a squealing noise when there is an issue with the idler pulley. A squeaking or squealing noise can be heard and can progress to a loud scraping or thumping noise in time. With the engine running, my mechanic friend pushed on the idler pulleys one at a time with a screwdriver blade until he found the one that was bad. at 80K miles, using "Delco 38489" (the exact same part as OEM for $38), along with a compatible (but not identical) idler pulley for about $30, and a new V-belt (just over $20). We changed the idler pulley, we had changed the water pump about 3 months ago, but the noise still persists. Well that is not really correct but when a generator or other pulley is the problem, it seizes, and one of the belts rips off. If you hear a squeaking, squealing, or an irritating noise coming from your vehicle as it runs, it could be from your alternator pulley. As a result, the idler pulley is created squealing sound from the engine belts and eventually worsen the pulley until the pulley is replaced. Just a little pressure on the side of the pulley was enough to change its alignment. I haven’t noticed any faltering in the electrical Noise seems to be coming from one of the pulleys, but how do I find out which one? I took the belt off, and the hydraulic auto-tensioner had about 1/8" play. Does anyone have any brand recommendations for a belt tensioner and idler pulley for a 2007 Dodge Grand Caravan? I've seen CARQUEST by Dayco tensioner and an idler pulley by Litens; a kit by Gates, and a Dayco belt kit that includes a replacement overrunning alternator pulley. And it was just as many of you have stated: the culprit of the chirping noise under the hood must have been the pulley on the A/C tensioner, because after I removed the entire tensioner to replace it, I spun the pulley by hand, and it was obvious that the pulley bearing was dry, because it spun freely without any drag, indicating no amount of The way that you'd know it is going bad would be noise (high pitched bearing squealing at first, harsher, more grindy noise later). If it is 13. Dude, if you are still in doubt as to which idler pulley is causing the noise. Now, I still hear some noise from the idler pulley and the belt tensioner. I still need to do some more investigating on my car but I have a serious suspension that this could be the culprit causing my noise/vibration. It sounds similar to the whine that comes from a Roots type blower. Hmmm ok, so i replaced both the tensioner pulley and the idler pulley today because i was getting that chirping sound coming from under the hood. Spindle lube interval is 40 hours and with a specific type grease. If the complete tensioner assembly is bad, the arm would be loose or not straight or will bounce around. Noise is constant, at all RPMs, almost sounds like a pump, but is coming from the lower portion of the engine. If you had a bad cat, your CEL would go back on. We also checked with the mechanic's stethoscope, the noise still comes from the shaft on which idler pulley is mounted. A worn or damaged idler pulley squeals or squeaks when the dryer is running. 2. in the second video (or audible noise ) I've had the idler pulley replaced twice for noise. From what I can tell you have to remove a lot of stuff (i. Prior to replacing the idler pulley, a repair shop told me it might also be from the alternator however I have replaced that in the last 6 months and am having no charge/battery issues. Some vehicle / engines you cannot just replace the pulley, you must replace the entire belt tensioner. Your pulley may wear out, slip, or be damaged altogether. Belt only stretches so far, then resists stretching any more. Here are a few common reasons. sounds just like the Trailblazers did, that they did the recall on the pulley for. Engine Misfires – If the valves of the cylinder open or close too prematurely, then it will result in an engine misfire. 1. Also, to check for the engine pulley it's a process of elimination unless you happen to have a brand new one sitting there (I'll assume you do not). You guys know about the idler pulley. If you haven't replaced those, I'd start with that as it's a fairly inexpensive fix. A solution to a noise problem caused by pulley misalignment is not likely to resolve a slip noise problem that may be caused by insufficient tension. A bad pulley can be replaced in no time with the correct tools. Now, with 160,000 miles on the odometer, the bearings inside the idler pulley have self-destructed, killing the camshaft belt. Everything seemed ok except for this rubber build up on the idler pulley. After that it just turns along with the nut. While it's not as bad, I noticed my idler pulley is leaning a little bit again. OK so this noise can come from either the motor, the idler pulley, or the drum rollers. Then pull the top forward and lift up on it. Step 1 Start your vehicle, leave the transmission in park, set the parking brake and open the hood. So if you go to the dealer he wants like 40 bucks or so, and Vato zone is less but still too much. I don't know why the that kind of sound was coming from the idler since the bearings seemed fine. If it is the A/C you can buy a bypass serpentine belt as a temporary measure. . Wondering if I should do a wholesale change out of all three items; Belt, Idler and tensioner Pulley. I’m starting to believe this pulley is locking up and collecting rubber streaks. But the tech came out and showed me that it was some hose near the pulleys that was making the noise. This DIY dryer repair guide explains how to replace a dryer idler pulley. I have since cleaned the pulley and took the car to work. My dryer is now up and running because of your great pictures and commentary. I have a DV48H7400 gas dryer and it is just over 2 years old. This idler pulley can be found on every deck that Bad Boy has every produced! The idler pulley is critical to the performance of your mower. But if the noise goes away after removing the accessory belt, check each of the pulleys for play. after it was replaced ,the guy that replaced it for me said that the idler pulley looked like the bearing was going bad. Its 47mm OD x 14mm wide compared to the original pulley 40mm OD x 12 mm wide. Its only job is to help move the belt along, so if you spin it with your hands and there's any grinding or noise, that's a problem. You shouldn't need to inspect them. pulley, AC pulley, PS pulley, timing belt bearings, or just an old belt in general). However, I also know that an idler pulley with bad bearings can make a similar noise and so too can the power steering system. It is also possible for the tensioner pulley or bearing to wear out, in which case the vehicle will produce a grinding noise from the pulley. And for that to happen, you would have to attach the idler to one of the links, which would be unnecessarily complicated in the Yeti. 9 Aug 2019 They will often remove the belt from the pulley and then try to rotate the pulley by hand. The spring tension causes torque on the arm of the idler pulley that will push on the belt to keep it at the proper tension. It was tough to diagnose, as it would only make noise at an RPM at, or above idle. water pump has smooth humming noise If the noise goes away without the serpentine belt on you can likely feel the bad bearing. its called an idler pulley and its the one on the right , you may not even need to loosen the belt to check it so just reach in and try to wiggle it, if it wiggles at all (tilting left, right, up, down, then its bad. The lower pulley is a high failure item. thanks guys. I had a nasty whining sound on my 2004 STi that I was worried was the crankshaft pulley going bad, but I decided to replace the cheapest item it could be first, which is the A/C and alternator idler pulley. It turned out that the noise came from the idler pulley on the belt tensioner for the AC belt. Use flat-face pulley idlers with flat belts, gearbelts or the back side of v-belts. The squeak is usually caused by a wheel that becomes so stiff that it struggles to turn, while also attempting to maintain tension on the belt. If there is noise, and it is identified as coming from behind the timing cover, you should: Remove appropriate components in order to remove the timing belt and check the idler pulley for failure. and you'll find that grinding noise is Define idler pulley. Not only is this noise annoying, but a slipping or loose pulley could mean other problems in the future if not fixed. How to pinpoint a noisy bearing or pulley. It has a larger bearing than the original: 6303 vs 6203. Also, I have installed a new crankcase valve. It will also give up after about a zillion miles or so of street driving, and that's why I'm messing with this one. It could be a worn-out surface or a pulley that gets stuck. 2 or 5. Idler pulleys spin in order to move belts to different places. To check this first unplug dryer. Idler Pulley Shaft - Whirlpool WP56461 - This shaft is made to fit the center of the idler pulley wheel of many clothes dryers. 9 liter engine from the years 1992-2003. At the time - I worked as a Machine Operator. Common causes of noise from the pulley. When you hear a noise coming from the idler pulley, it can be attributed to 1 of 3 causes. We have the full line of Bad Boy parts and accessories. Now take the belt off of the engine pulley. The engine drive belts are routed in a  In order to remove the belt you will have to pull the spring-loaded tensioner away from the belt. so about a week ago my car started making this loud whining noise so i spent a few minutes investigating. Just get a $10 INA idler pulley, replace it as a preventive measure, and be done with it for another xx thousand miles. Gave up and decided to order a new tensioner assembly that should be here in a few days. The idler pulley rotates the belts at a very high speed and will generate tear. Also   14 Jun 2018 Is this probably a bad idler pulley? I'm my option it sounds like a pulley chirping more than belt noise. • Misalignment of the timing belt can cause premature failure of the idler pulley on the tensioner as well as the belt. The grease would allow it to spin initially on the grease until the bearing freed up. It clearly spins at idle and free revving though. Two nights ago, whilst driving home, my wife heard a loud noise under the hood. If the contents of the drum check out okay, then a bad drum support roller could be causing a thumping noise. After a recent belt change, the idler pulley (one right under the alternator) started making a loud whining noise. Remove tension from idler pulley and remove pulley. If you begin loosening the nut on the idler pulley, it will loosen until the square on the carriage bolt head raises up out of the square hole in the frame. The noise when away when he was pushing on the right one. I took my car to a repair shop to have the idler SB work done - our 2007 was making funny clicking, clattering noises from the front of the engine, which the local Toyota dealer had diagnosed as being a bad idler, as discussed in TSB 0056-11. On the other hand, if the noise increases on spraying, then this indicates that the belt lacks sufficient tension, or is worn-out. The noise can continue for a long time before the pulley seizes though. Worn out idler pulley. Something about the bearing. com has the parts diagrams for the Pulleys models. My idler melted yesterday and I just found this thread. is it making like a chattering noise?? my 98 Z71 started doing that after I replaced the belt on it like someone said, the bearings in the idler pulley had gone bad and it was just bouncing all over the place. I took off belt, and squeal is still there. They also differ in purpose. These sounds are centrally Googled it and the most common problem was the idler pulley. To remove one, hold the pulley steady with one hand and remove the bolt with your ratchet. If it is not the idler bearing on the compressor I assume its a belt wearing out? The bearing of the idler pulleys is inside the pulley. For example, I think there is an idler pulley. figured it was the idler pulley, but I guess its probably the PS or Alternator pulley or soemthing else. A damaged idler pulley, idler pulley bracket or idler pulley tension spring could also cause a loud noise such as banging or squealing. After I took the pulley out (replug the hole with the existing bolt), the sound is gone and the engine is nice and quiet. I went to my mechanic he showed me that my tensioner pulley was shot and was making a ticking noise as it spun so I replaced the tensioner and pulley at a $120 cost. What other pulleys besides the A/C pulleys are on the car that should and could be replaced and is there 1 or 2 A/C pulleys? Re-installed only the aux drive belt and the noise is now gone. If an idler pulley goes bad, usually the bearing is to blame, which throws the pulley off balance, creating wear and too much friction, which causes the belt to wear rapidly. I did not expect to have problems this soon and it sounds like this will be a recurring issue. My AC idler pulley was sounding terrible, and I did not have time to source the 6301 sealed bearings and replace, so here's what I did. There is a lot going on in and near the timing cover on your Camry. even if its not loose it might be bad so slip the belt off and spin it and you will hear if it has bad bearings. It could be the belt or one of your pulleys causing the whining you have described. Noise is most pronounced on drivers side of truck. Very annoying to say the least. Dealer repair, noise gone for good. Well,I had more time this morning to work with it and found the tensioner pulley was rubbing the tensioner slightly,so I sanded some material off the plastic pulley to gain clearance and it was a little better but the noise was still there so I removed the a/c belt and the noise was gone. Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower large 5 3/4 Idler Pulley - ZT CZT MZ Outlaw - Fits All | eBay I also had a noise issue that ended up being the bearings in the idler pulley. The average cost for a drive belt idler pulley replacement is between $144 and $164. The serpentine belts when worn can make a hell of a noise in some vehicles and you think there is a mechanical fault when it is just a worn belt. or motion in and out, it may indicate a bad bearing and be the cause the noise. May be a very short-term temporary fix onlyIt is time to either press out/replace the bearing, or just replace the idler itself. The lack of  is “noise”, and noise from a timing belt, tensioner and idler that sounds bad is Misalignment of the timing belt can cause premature failure of the idler pulley  A faulty idler pulley can cause damage to the belt and cause components to not work properly. It seems that the two most likely culprits of noise are the tensioner and alternator pulley. i If one part breaks, such as the belt, the pulley may need to be replaced as well. My question is: What seems to be the most COMMON cause for this supercharger noise in regards to rpm increase? * Inspect and spin each idler/tensioner pulley. Ahhhh must be the bearings in the alternator. Consult your dryer's user guide for help locating the idler pulley. Then take the top off by removing the two screws in the door (the only two pointing up) and lift up the top. A closer examination of the pulley will reveal cracks that when coming into contact with the belts will produce the squeaking noise. Also, did you change just the tensioner w/pulley or did you change the idler pulley also? The metal idler pulley almsot dead center above the waterpump. Today I took off the belt tensioner and noticed quite a bit of play and noise in the bearing so I figured that was the culprit. It is the plastics that tend to crack over time. 2 thoughts on “ Crappy Idler Slider Pulley on Whirlpool-built Dryers Causing Noise and Broken Belts ” DianeK July 16, 2010 at 12:56 pm. I have replaced the belt tension pulley over a year ago. If the noise is coming from near the serpentine belt and pulleys, the cause is often bad bearings in the serpentine belt idler pulley (color coded orange in the images below). I listened to the idler pulley, P/S pump, alternator, and A/C compressor bearings using a screwdriver as a "stethoscope" but that didn't help isolate the sound. I'm also going to change out the tensioner since there's a very small noise coming from it too, but only when I open the hood and listen carefully. is there anything else on that Bad idler pulley--Bearing actually fell apart when I was investigating a noise under the hood. Hey the noise went away. You may find two idler pulleys in a specialized vehicle, but it is rare. and you  What are the symptoms related to a bad drive belt idler pulley? If the drive belt idler pulley fails, there will be a very audible chirping noise from the front of the  11 Nov 2011 Belt noise can be hard to isolate, as the sound may seem to be coming NOTE: While replacing a tensioner or idler pulley ordinarily requires  The auto belt tensioner is a spring loaded arm with a pulley on the end. IDLER PULLEY. An idler pulley is a specific part of a vehicle’s belt system that helps regulate how the belts run from the crankshaft to generate movement in other parts and engine accessories. also idler pulley n. Offered in Black, Silver, Red or Blue Front Spacer. Held in place by C clips on Every Bad Boy has at least 1 depending on the size of deck. 31 Oct 2017 s a bad idler pulley(s), however before I fork out the cash and time to . It has three main parts: a wheel, bracket and spring. This is another sign that the pulley is failing. I am down to thinking the new tensioner has a bad pulley bearing or it's the alternator as previously suggested. If you ignore it, the pulley will eventually come off, along with the belt, then engine damage will be the final result. Thank you for your great post on the Kenmore tension slider/idler pulley repair. The idler pulley in a 1988 Oldsmobile constantly pushes down on the drive belt, creating the tension needed to prevent the drive belt from slipping on the engine’s accessory pulleys. I pulled the timing cover and did a inspection. This will cause the most noise because all your important engine accessories will suddenly stop functioning at the same time. For most of us, we must contend with a single idler pulley. This means that if the idler pulley goes bad at some point, you will experience some annoying and inconvenient symptoms. Constant with the RPM's from idle up. It is less than two inches l It could be a bearing going bad or an idler pulley and carrying the noise through the belt. The pulley may also wobble. Shop for idler sheaves at Grainger to help prevent belt slippage and position belts away from obstacles. The bearings allow for the smoother rotation of the idler pulley on its base or bolt in pretty much the same way as your wheel bearings allow the wheel to rotate freely, frictionless, and quiet. That bad thing is you have to pretty much take everything off the front of that motor to get it out. Given the isolation of the engine compartment from the cabin, you'd probably notice it as reflected noise off of buildings or other vehicles. The idler pulley is a part responsible for guiding and maintaining the vehicle’s tension with the drive belt or as some people know it as — the serpentine belt — the part responsible for connecting the engine to other components such as the power steering, water pump, A/C compressor and alternator. Long enough for me to have re-greased the old rear wheel bearings, replaced the rear wheel bearings, re-checked the rear wheel bearings, and twice removed the idler pulley (once to check and second to re-lube). Repetitive squeaking indicates the belt is not running true, and prolonged squealing means that the belt is overheating. To check either remove the belt and give both the tensioner pulley and the idler a spin. high pitch whine is usually alternator bearing for the 98 3800 its timkin part# 100ccab or it can be the power steering pump(but the pitch will change as your steering if it is that) water pump, idler and tensioner pulleys(if you have to change either one IDLER PULLEY. In some instances a bad 1. When the resistance becomes too great the dryer may fail to start. 2003 SR5 V6 4WD Titanium with cladding Diagnosing a noisy accessory belt drive Whenever a vehicle owner complains of under-the-bonnet noise, it is important to determine the type of noise and under what circumstances it occurs. Timothy for Model Number DLGX7188 Still no change. It seems to go away when it warms up. Thank you. If the idler pulley is bad you will hear a squealing or a roaring noise. then it's the upper passengers side idler then last is the lower idler - which can seize and wont' break the belt do to it not having much wrap at all - the belt will just slide over it for quite some time if it does seize. We have the Bad Boy Mower Part, 4 3/4 Idler Pulley - ABFI-76 with the BEST PRICE AVAILABLE!! My question: I'm guessing it's either the Tensioner Pulley or the Idler Pulley, or both making the noise. If the problem is related to bad bearings, when you pull the pulley off, you should be able to feel The engine noise is not screeching (my front breaks are making the screeching noise); the engine noise is pretty horrible. Checked the condition of the removed AC belt I bought from NAPA last year and it looks great with the lone exception, a pair of small indents on the outer surface of the belt where the tensioner and pulley come into contact with the rotating belt. The lack of motion from the pulley makes the engine belt rub against its surface and yield the squealing sound. I don't think the upper is a noise culprit often, but it can't hurt. I would first take off the belt and spin each thing by hand. The physical difference between an idler pulley and a tensioner pulley is a simple adjustable bolt. Could an alternator with bad bearings be the cause? Realistically, it has been making noise for thousands of miles. The idler pulley might look like this. I took it into the dealer and they said that it is the idler pulley. The idler pulley is truly a pulley with a bolt through it. This will definitely happen if the pulley bearing goes bad. I searched the forum but didn't see anything about how to replace it? Do I simply pull the idler wheel out and its behind that? Is there one on both idlers? Any info appreciated. Don't get stuck on the side of the road for the price of this pulley. I'm thinking a fairly thick fender washer, or a small metal plate with a hole in it, would help strengthen that area. 15. The spring-loaded idler pulley keeps the belt tight so the belt can grip and rotate the drum during the drying cycle. Models MZ, ZT, CZT, Pup, Lightning, and Outlaw. My guess is that the noise will be from an idler pulley/belt deflection or one of the two belt tension pulleys. BUT, it wasnt what was causing the whislte! had both belts offno whistle. I replaced the tensioner and the new tensioner is nice and tight, but the car still makes the same noise. Idler Pulleys are present wherever there is a belt that is tensioned by it. Does anyone know how hard it is to change these out? The dealer said $26 for the part, but like another $100 dollars for the labor. The ball bearings will make noise before they fail completely. 3. However, I know the tensioner pulley bearings were bad, pulley was making noise and bearings slightly loose. The pulley wheel has a central axle that runs through a I didn’t have any issues on my 07, but my 96 had a bad lower idler pulley. How often is it the whole assembly that goes bad vice bearing in pulley? Should you expect to change out the belt if the Idler Pulley has not been working for a couple of cycles (not sure how long the belt should last?). The bearings may also make various other sounds such as clattering or even a rumbling sound, making the vehicle sound as if there was much more wrong than a bad pulley. others seemed to have some success replacing either one of these to solve the noise (and parts were pretty inexpensive). If you don't see the Pulleys you need please check out our Bad Boy part diagrams. An idler pulley on a virtual pivot system like the one on the Yetis would be a very bad idea, unless properly executed, like Canfield used to do. As for the clanking around at idle, its your timing chain rattling. At that point, the pulley begins to rotate the eccentric cam (hub) 13. I spun the pulley on my old 35,000 mile alternator and it seems to spin freely. Step 1 – Engine noise: drive belts. Samsung should offer new recall or new design, or replace free of charge. now a month later the idler pulley has started to squeak and has been doing this for about a week. The belt may be slipping due to improper tension. My question: should my mechanic have replaced the idler pulley when he replaced the cam belt at 105K miles? I've had the idler pulley replaced twice for noise.  It is important that you pay attention to the noises because they go from bad to worse. A squeaking noise is generally created by the engine accessories, accessory mounts, serpentine belt or drive pulleys. If the pulley does not move freely or have a bad noise  26 Jan 2019 Remembering what we said about the idler pulley ensuring the proper route for the drive belt, a squealing noise is almost always indicative of  16 Jan 2019 When you hear a noise coming from the idler pulley, it can be that you pay attention to the noises because they go from bad to worse. 00 volts or if it is 15. If you want to buy a new one, I can ship you one for about $180. Part Diagnosis: Remove the drum and check by hand that the idler pulley turns freely, but is not loose on the shaft. The idler pulley consists of a set of pulleys on which, in modern vehicles, the serpentine belt is routed over in order to power necessary engine components and accessories including the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, water pump, A/C compressor and sometimes other components. Actually, i do have a question. Checked all the other pulleys which were in perfect shape. Unfortunately, when all was hooked back up to the serpentine belt, the bolt works its way loose when the pulley spins. In some cases the bad pulley may Many people said it's the alt pulley. does not sound like the secondary timing chain. Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums. 1993-2001 KA24DE tensioner pulley replacement made easy! 10:20 PM 10/2/2002 This is a step by step guide to easily replacing the tensioner pulley that I see go bad too many times. I have replaced auto tensioner and belt with OEM, noise still occurs. This fixed the problem. It would chirp & squeel initially but once the bearing heated up and the lubrication moved around within it - the squealing stopped. The idler pulley and belt tensioner can make alot of noise, also. Average failure mileage is 48,000 miles. A failed idler pulley will usually cause the belt to come off, leaving you stranded. Most of these services were performed at least a thousand miles apart. Bought a ball bearing design idler pulley off eBay $23. The idler pulley is new also but the noise definitely seems to be coming from the back vs front of the engine compartment and is loud enough to hear inside the car at idle thru 30 mph. Other than rusted and stuck bolts/nuts that might be on the vehicle, these install very easily. How to check your dryer’s idler pulley: Hello, Ok, there are 3 possibilities. The SB applies mostly to 2006 and 2007 I4s, but can effect later ones. If you leave a bad pulley for too long without giving it any attention, damage may occur to any of these components and cause the vehicle to stop working. Sometimes a bad bearing in the alternator or idler pulley will whine before it goes completely bad. That’s just a first sign of a bad bearing. The paper from the dealership stated in their evaluation report: "needs new idler pulley", so that's what I'm going by. In other words, they are used to adjust belt tension. Keep the old pulleys and I will replace the bearings in them for spares/backup. $1300 for a dryer I'm going to have to fix every year, NOT. If the surface of the idler pulley wears, or the pulley seizes or binds it may cause the engine belt to squeal as a result of it rubbing against the surface of the pulley. Ask Question I suppose it could also be one of the belt tensioners or idler pulleys. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special Hi, Investigating a high pitched whining noise during acceleration, I took the accessory belt off based on a dealership recommendation to change the Alternator and ended up finding a bad idler pulley. The belt tension and speed is guided by an idler pulley and/or a belt tensioner and or by repositioning the attached devices one direction or another to pull on or loosen the pull on the pulley. I'd go with the lower idler first, tensioner second. Take the belt off and spin all of the pulleys. The whine becomes very noticable about 28 seconds into the video. If it's the power sterring pump, the noise will get louder when you put a bit of pressure on by turning the steering wheel. They are NOT present on some alternator and A/C compressor pulley setups. When an accessory such as the water pump, alternator, power steering pump, serpentine belt, serpentine belt tensioner or idler pulley has failed it can make a rattling, squeaking or tapping noise. It sounds like a bearing going bad. sprocketed pulley bearing - by far the one that fails the most timing tensioner bearing those two are the most likely to fail. reversed it and it spins fine now. "I" narrowed it down to the idler pully and replaced it with a new one. com. The most common fault with the pulley is worn bearings inside of it. I posted up on my local facebook page and everyone said that it's probably the tensioner. Any noise in them could be a sign that the bearing is going bad. got it home, started it up, and heard a fairly loud and consisent rattle/clunking sound from underneathi identified the problem (if it is one) as a somewhat loose idler pulley/idler bracket (for the drive belt - not the mower deck). 99 Civic The idler pulley is located below the drum near the motor. I bought a new tensioner and accessory belt but before I replaced them I checked all the pulleys for play and noise. Part Failure symptoms: The drum may becomes difficult to turn or the dryer may make a squealing noise. I would check that. The parts list an Idler Pulley assembly ($20) and then just the pulley by itself ($14). That pulley seems to be especially problematic for many people. loose and bad idler pulley on 2002 saturn sl 1. Suggestions? If the idler pulley is bad the dryer will have a roaring or a squealing noise. There are other pulleys that serpentine belt is connected to. That's definitely your idler pulley. My serpentine belt needs tightened but the 14mm nut on the end of the idler pulley is rounded off. I took my dryer apart today and was not able to locate an obvious problem like most here were able to. I'm sure of it after all it was recently replaced and it must have bad bearings. Slippage and squealing noise 13. 1 - Idler or Tensioner Pulley Bearing going bad 2 - Weak tensioner 3 - A/C Clutch Bearing going bad To check for bad Idler or Tensioner Pulley bearing going bad, with can of spray lube in hand find the 2 pulleys(DO NOT START VEHICLE YET) spray 1 of the pulleys at the center bolt. well i replaced idler pulley today made no difference. the bad component should be obvious. After tens of thousands of miles of use, the shaft bearings inside the idler pulley become worn causing a vibration that produces a loud noise. Also it is not impossible that your belt went bad after 30,000 and now this is a separate problem. If you hear a loud rattling noise, check the blower fan blade. the belt looks okay but it is showing it's age too. bad idler pulley making rattling noise? At first I thought the rattle might be a bad throw out bearing but my local shop told me it was bad bearings in my cerpentine belt tensioner pulley. Cats do not heal themselves, and besides, your car is fairly new. To check the idler pulley, first unplug the dryer then take the lint filter out and remove the two screws that are under the filter. Below is a description of each of these causes in the order that you can expect them to occur. On our vehicle, the idler pulley is on the tensioner itself, but an idler pulley can be separate from the tensioner and is typically held in place by a single bolt. This article applies to the Toyota Camry 4-cylinder (1997-2011). Mechanic at Honda also thinks the tensioner pulley is making noise. Jaki-Thank you for your question about your Toyota. It is one of a set of pulleys that a belt rests on. I was curious, if the tensioner pulley only connect There is a high pitched squeak noise when I start the car cold. diagnosing noises is so friggin The idler pulley should spin easily with the belt off. If the idler is squealing because it is getting a little dry on grease, the wd-40 may thin the grease out. With the deck drive belt removed from the clutch and secure so it won't get caught by the pump drive belt, start the engine, turn on the PTO to check for unusual noise. This is due to the bearings in the pulley going bad. Ive done some trouble shooting and determined that its either the AC compressor or the Idler Pulley (removing one belt at a time until noise went away). Noise would come and go when I was on it enough to get some boost. Hi folks, i just bought a new lt1042 from lowes. I decided to do it myself with help from a friend who is a part time car mechanic, so we manged to loosen the pulley and took out the old belt and put on the new one and tightened it now when we started the car and then turn off the engine and touched the idler pulley it was very hot we barely could touch it for 2 sec. Just remove the AC idler pulley belt, and if the problem goes away, then that's the problem. Due to the worn out of idler pulley may cause slippage issues in your car because it will bind and rub against the engine belt. The idler is easy to replace. The majority of the Subarus we have towed in with timing belt failure can often have the issue be traced to an idler pulley failure that resulted in the belt coming off. Driving with bad idler pully? about a month ago i had my serpentine belt on my ford Taurus 2001 replaced. Pulley comes in contact with the belt. It spins with no noise at all and is very smooth. Is DexCool bad. Fortunately, the belt can help you diagnose the problem, both before you remove it and afterward: it has a random intermittent pulley noise. Anyone else experience premature failure of idler pulley? I saw a few over on another thread for some 07 Si's and I think like me an 06 Si. The key is the idler pulley is held on by a carriage bolt that you can't see. 14. Basically, both of these are a pulley with a bolt through them. So that'll be my next buy. Had engine noise that started out sounding like a bad transmission. The only pulley that had some play was the idler pulley, the one There is a screetching/grinding noise from the idler pulley/alternator area. Normally the idler wheel will have a bad bearing and will make a lot of grinding noise and or vibrate big time! If the bearings go out all together you will know real quick like as it will most Make sure its the ac compressor making noise. The motor spun freely and quietly by hand. Replace the pulleys if you have any doubt about their condition, notice grease coming out of them, or if there is roughness or noise when they are spun. and I see the tensioner arm and pulley are pretty simple to get to to relieve the I know it comes with the ContiTech pulley kit but I haven't found anyone talking about replacing the actual tensioner or having problems with it. A bad pulley will create a squeaking noise SEE MORE. I have seen enough posts what a bad idler pulley can do, especially if you are in the middle of nowhere. I believe I did both of the idler pulleys (idler pulley on alternator belt and the idler pulley on the A/C belt) Anyway - the idea behind it was the pulley wheel wasn't rotating; probably after sitting for some time. Spin the pulleys hand and see if you can get them to make noise. The idler pulley keeps tension on the drum belt, so it rotates smoothly. Turned out to be the idler pulley that Hennessey had used to replace the stock one. For about an hour. Removed the bolt holding the pulley to the block bracket and got a Dayco replacement. The parts store took it back and gave me a new one. What I need is a long stethoscope to listen closely but I don't have one. I know it's the bearing but I'm having a hard time determining which one is making the noise. I ordered the "Kit" to also do the belt and rollers, but be careful, because even though the compatibility checker gave it a green light, I didn't see the line in the description that said not all parts in the kit might fit. Using a pick between the outer race and the plastic bearing seal, remove seal. I've fought with this for a while now. 8 Jan 2016 Idler pulleys are engine pulleys that are responsible for guiding and tensioning the engine drive belts. I'll definitely update the thread one way or another. Tousley Ford was kind enough to swap this out under warranty (they swap out the entire tensioner including the pulley). All three parts are louder than the AC compressor, engaged or not. Its only a $30 dollar part and can save you a major headache. Otherwise, it is the top pulley. Pulley Problem – Frozen or sluggish pulley Answer:A bad idler pulley will usually be noisy when it needs to be replaced. With the hood open, it sounded like it could be coming from the alternator or the AC compressor. Hearing a noise under the hood? Check those idler pulley's carefully. You may attempt to adjust the tension yourself, most serpentines use an automatic belt tensioner which is just an idler pulley on a spring loaded arm. i found that if i removed all the tension from the belt (it connects my crank to the ac) by loosening the idler pulley the noise stopped and all i could hear was her purr but if i tightened the idler pulley back on the belt to give it Common Lawn Mower Pulley Problems and Fixes. The idler pulley went bad on my truck as well, it was a metal scraping noise, and it sounded all around bad. Generally, this indicates that the tensioner or idler is not correctly attached to the mounting location on the engine, or the bearings for the tensioner, idler or both have worn out and have excess play. The idler pulley was able to turn by hand, not quite as easily as the rear rollers, but was not squeling. Bad bearings make a high pitched “whine” or “growling” noise after the engine has been started. This article will teach you how to troubleshoot your alternator pulley to eliminate the noise. There is a TSB from ford saying to replace the idler pulley if you have a belt slap noise for up to 10 seconds in freezing temperatures. That's horse shit. Re-installed only the aux drive belt and the noise is now gone. Pulleys Find the Bad Boy Mower Pulleys you need at BadBoyMowerParts. Best Answer: It's quite common for idler pulley bearings to go bad and make noise. I pulled the belt off and put a new Idler pulley and new tensioner pulley on, but I noticed that the Powersteering pulley had a little bit of play in it. I’ll keep it as a spare once this new one goes on. A pulley on a shaft that rests on or presses against a drive belt to guide it or take up slack. 2003 SR5 V6 4WD Titanium with cladding I have a squealing/chirping sound comparable to the sound a bad idler pulley makes. There is a screetching/grinding noise from the idler pulley/alternator area. If you don’t take care of the loose serpentine belt problem quickly, then the entire belt could slip off the pulleys. My guess is that the metal bracket, having been bent, is now weaker, and bends more easily. You check them in the same way you would check the pulley-driven accessories. Then I put the idler pulley back on the engine, reinstalled the serpentine belt, and started the engine and the noise was gone. wasn't able to tell exactly which part was making the sound. 9 ohc idler pulley is making noise and feels loose. I also have a loud whining noise and replaced the idler pulley, with no change in the sound. If you determine it to be pulley noise then then it may or may not be a bad tensioner pulley(or other pulley). The squeaking is pretty bad at idle and gets faster and alittle louder when you press the gas, wether your in gear or not. Watch for the following symptoms if you suspect a bad or failing power steering pump pulley. Somehow they actually figured it out and I checked my old paperwork and couldn't find if they wrote it down. spinning anything by hand did not help. 10 rib dual bearing idler pulley. Goes away (lessens) when not on the accelerator. The bearings of these components can fail over time and start to make noise. It was a cheap, easy fix. put the alt/ps belt back on and the whistle is there. Serpentine belt problems usually result from one of three causes: a defective belt tensioner; misalignment of a pulley; or, defective bearings in the tensioner, idler, or one of accessories driven by the belt (including the water pump). I'm pretty sure I had the same noise, they ended up replacing the idler pulley under warranty and it still had the noise. In some cases the bad pulley may If the noise recedes momentarily, and then returns, then the culprit is a misaligned pulley (mostly idler or tensioner pulley), or a worn-out pulley or belt surface. Now, does this mean that the 'noise' I hear only when the ac is on and only sometimes, is caused by a bad ac clutch? I've got a whine coming from my front end. 9, 5. If the idler pulley is misaligned, then the serpentine belt will make noise. This noise is typically caused by a mechanical problem, either a worn auto-tensioner or idler pulley. Continue pushing the bracket, pulley can't go down any more because of contact with belt. Car Belts and Their Functions If the pulley is making noise, either it's the result of a bearing failure or the spring is not providing the proper tension. The sound appears to come from near the throttle body/intake area. Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Idler Pulley Common signs include a damaged bearing or pulley, squealing from the engine area, and visibly worn pulleys. Any ideas? 1999 BMW 328i I am suspecting that the idler pulley bearing may be going bad; however, this pulley is not available anywhere; only the power steering one is carried by virtually all auto parts store. i found that if i removed all the tension from the belt (it connects my crank to the ac) by loosening the idler pulley the noise stopped and all i could hear was her purr but if i tightened the idler pulley back on the belt to give it The dryer pulley, commonly called the idler pulley, keeps the dryer drive belt under tension as the belt wraps around the dryer drum. The belt looked in ok shape. Idler pulley feels pretty stuck and AC Compressor belt is not there, was thinking of spraying WD-40 before taking it to the shop to get a replacement belt, so I don't have to replace that as well. When a belt tensioner fails, it usually will provide no tension at all to the belt, and won’t allow it to do its job, turning the engine’s components—which can leave When an idler pulley fails, other components such as the alternator, water pump, AC compressor, and power steering pump may also be affected. If it doesn't get any louder, then it will be the idler pully or the tensioner pulley. The bearing inside the Ilder Pulley was pretty bad, causing a bit of wobble and a lot of noise, and the bearing inside the Tensioner Assembly Pulley was even worse. problem is, it has 2 fan belts, so it has 2 tensioners, and 1 idler on the big belt and it only does it ever so often, AC is not a factor. Belt and pulley noise is usually a screeching sound that has a repetitive pattern screeching on each revolution. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The pitch gets higher as rpm increases. RE: Squeaking noise IP: Logged Message: Check pulley alignment. guess tensioner is next, i noticed the main belt tensioner does not appear to move much but the a/c down below bounces a lot and looks i bit weathered maybe a bit of rust or so, i expect that is the culprit. If your car is a 1997 through 2001, the timing belt, tensioner, idler, and water pump are behind there. Then it progressed to a metal scraping noise. My car an 06 with 55k and an idler pulley fails. This was fine for about 200 miles and now this too is making noise. I replaced the pulley and both belts when I did mine, I think the parts were about 50 bucks and it took less than an hour. If you suspect the noise source is an idler pulley and not the power  14 Jun 2013 how can i tell if i have a bad tension pulley, when the cars on and idling, i can hear a lil noise, " the noise could be me listening alittle to hard  27 Aug 2013 Here's how to diagnose a belt tensioner so you don't replace a bunch of If you have a belt noise or vibration and you've changed the belt, Engines don't provide smooth rotation at the crankshaft pulley . The rear rollers also spun freely and quietly by hand. It seems that group of bearings go out more often than anything else. Replacing the idler pulley 6th generation Apr 22, 2013 #1 Hey guys, the idler pulley has a bad bearing on my 99 civic. Noise seems to be coming from one of the pulleys, but how do I find out which one? I took the belt off, and the hydraulic auto-tensioner had about 1/8" play. I have a chirping sound coming from one of my BF idler pulleys. Labor costs are estimated between $64 and $81 while parts are priced between $80 and $83. by Eduardo Ruelas on Squealing When the engine is idling, a bad pulley may make a squealing sound. I bought a new Dayco 89029 metal pulley w/ bearing from Advance Autoparts and it seems much more substantial than the plastic Okay to grease the idler pulley on my gas dryer? I have a Samsung dv48h7400gw dryer and it was making really loud squeaking so I opened it up and narrowed it down to the idler pulley and replaced it but even the new one seems to squeak, not nearly as bad but I'd like to get rid of it completely. Alternator, idler and tensioner pulleys and see if any are rough when spinning by hand. Of course, for me, it was the pulley that was wrong. I am thinking that, perhaps the bearing in the AC idler pulley itself could be changed. I applied belt dressing and it does not go away. Okay to grease the idler pulley on my gas dryer? I have a Samsung dv48h7400gw dryer and it was making really loud squeaking so I opened it up and narrowed it down to the idler pulley and replaced it but even the new one seems to squeak, not nearly as bad but I'd like to get rid of it completely. Over time, the bearing inside the pulley will break down and stop functioning properly. Someone said to check the alt pulley, stick a screw driver in the vanes to prevent it from rotating in one direction. Like I had mentioned earlier, the bearing design has changed (actually a couple times), the new bearing is a double roller and I am not aware of any issues with them. to listen to the bearing noise The idler pulley rotates at high speed and over time may fail due to increased friction. Each pulley has two severe load 12,000 rpm bearings installed for a lifetime of use. idler pulley synonyms, idler pulley pronunciation, idler pulley translation, English dictionary definition of idler pulley. Just unbolt the old one and put the new one back on. Below are some common pulley problems you may encounter, the possible causes of those problems, and our recommendations on how to fix the problems. 01+ volts, your alternator is going bad. Belts have been removed to rule out the usual suspects. put the AC belt back on and no whisltle. The power steering fluid is fine; I triple-checked that. which is located right in the middle of the water pump, Alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor. The 2004 Ford Explorer has 1 problems reported for idler pulley noise. I can now tell a whining noise is coming from the power steering pump. A bad idler pulley can cause your mower to burn through zero-turn mower belts at a frustrating pace! It's crucial to check your idler pulleys for damage periodically to ensure the integrity of your mower. Listen to the tensioner noise to note if the sound is intermittent or constant. The original idler takes a 6203 bearing which I got at a local bearing place for $8 to get the truck back on the road. I did this and the pulley only rotates in one direction--as it should. So I don’t think that’s the problem. The most frequent and common engine noise comes from drive belts. We will be referring to the 22RE because, well, its simple! Sorry for the bad picture, but she will do. Thanks for shopping with us! BadBoyMowerParts. Took a look and its coming from around the pulleys. There is not necessarily always the idler pulley itself that is creating noise from the belt. i actually had the pulley on backwards. Inspect the clutch, its mounting bolt and torque arrester. It's down there on the bottom, and it'll die if you get in the mud. The new idler pulley came in today for $42. This is the third tensioner pulley that has gone bad. Like most engine components they do wear out with age. it is defiantly on the left side of the engine as you are looking at it with the battery on the right. First: Have the engine off and lower the mower deck down to where you can get your hands to the pulleys. Remembering what we said about the idler pulley ensuring the proper route for the drive belt, a squealing noise is almost always indicative of the bearings of an idler pulley really going bad. Now HAVE THE ENGINE OFF The alt worked just fine, but the noise went away when I swapped it. Also what is a good price for an AC belt replacement and an idler pulley replacement. this coming weekend i am going to replace through a/c idler and tensioner pulleys and see what happens. This will happen if the timing belt is not able to rotate the camshaft and crankshaft at the same time. Tensioner pulleys are mounted on this bolt, and idler pulleys are not. Squealing Noise. The alternator pulleys seem to have a bad habit of falling off when they go bad. When i got home today i popped the hood while the engine was running and i could pretty much pin point the pulley that was making the noise, so this weekend im going to change the belt and the pulley just to be safe. The idler pulley is basically just a pulley with a bearing, and the tensioner is along the same lines but has the ability to move and adjust to keep a certain amount of tension on the belt. Also  The dryer pulley, commonly called the idler pulley, keeps the dryer drive belt under Common symptoms of a bad dryer pulley are that the drum still rotates but noise when the dryer is turned on), a broken dryer belt, or a broken pulley. I’ve opened the hood while the car is running, and the sound is definitely in the region of the alternator. Once there was a loud squealing noise. I Now, I've done some searching and have found multiple possibilities of what the problem could be (Alt. I'm not sure if you can get away with replacing just the pulley or if the belts were contributing to the noise, I just replaced the belts while I was at it cause they looked crappy. Held in place by C clips on If the contents of the drum check out okay, then a bad drum support roller could be causing a thumping noise. Tensioner pulley moving too much Discussion in ' also it looks like the idler in the top left has a wobble as well. 5) Slippage. need diagram and - Saturn 1997 SL question I pinpointed the noise to the pulley on the tensioner again. The serpentine drive belt is making a squeal noise on my Buick Century 3100 Answer:A bad idler pulley will usually be noisy when it needs to be replaced. Two pulleys fail on same car? I think dealer wants to make some extra cash in bad If your idler bearing goes out you will know, it will make some noise and the pulley will loosen up on the bolt it is mounted to. Any ideas on how to tell which pulley is making the noise? :shrug: Slippage and squealing noise 13. Could an alternator with bad bearings be the cause? The idler pulley went bad on my truck as well, it was a metal scraping noise, and it sounded all around bad. e. Gearbelt pulley idlers can be used with drive tighteners and tightener shafts. I believe I read that these cars don't have  Belt and pulley noise is usually a screeching sound that has a repetitive pattern The belt tension and speed is guided by an idler pulley and/or a belt tensioner  25 Jan 2010 The Idler Pulley is fine. Burning smell from Answer:A bad idler pulley will usually be noisy when it needs to be replaced. The Noise was coming from over on that side. for a couple of hours. Read also: 5 Symptoms of a Bad Tie Rod End and Replacement Cost Hey guys, I noticed a loud sound coming from my belt today. The idler pulley is not as bad but better to catch them now, replaced both. what's best way to find the bad one? pull the belts and feel for wobble? The average car engine only has a single idler pulley. Still no change. bad idler pulley noise

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